July 7 London Bombings
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7/7 London Bombings

Welcome to july7.co.uk – an interactive introduction to the 7/7 London Bombings of 2005, which highlights why the official account of the 7/7 London Bombings is severely flawed.

This website has been created as an introduction to raise awareness of the controversies surrounding the London bombings of July 7th, 2005.

As with any significant world event, when things don’t seem to add up, conspiracy theories inevitably abound. And this website has therefore been created to allow you, the viewer, to see some key facts about the 7/7 London Bombings for yourself and make of them what you will.

None of the content on this site is technical, nor requires any particular knowledge of politics, history or science. If you’ve only heard the official / mainstream media accounts of 7/7, then you’re likely to find this site very illuminating and informative.

This 7/7 London Bombings site only has a few pages. The idea isn’t to bombard you with difficult information, but to get a lot of the lesser-known yet easy-to-understand points across, and then point you in the right direction if you want to look into the 7/7 London Bombings further.

Within the cited resources, some 7/7 conspiracy theories are referred to. Whilst we do not necessarily subscribe to such conspiracy theories, some do (at least, in part) appear to present a valid cause for concern.

Enjoy the site. And if you have any ideas for content to be added to this site, please contact us.

The main part of this site is the 7/7 Quiz – a handful of straightforward questions that are guaranteed to get you thinking about the 7/7 London Bombings.

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The implications of the 7/7 London Bombings have been huge and the death toll is still rising. We believe it’s important to spread awareness so that everyone has a better understanding of what happened and we help prevent a recurrence  of what happened on 7/7.